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Why Zong Customer Acquisition Platform?

Recording & Analytics

Provide customers with a enhanced knowledge of their customers with call monitoring and call recording to help improve quality and agent performance. Complete call logs are maintained on which analytics are run to help our customer’s understand their own clients. Since one of the most important pillars for a business is KYC: Know Your Customer!


Enterprise CAP is a One Window Solution with One Window Operation that your business need and helps you to give better customer service. Its give a 360 degree view of your customers and sales force performance without a huge investment.

Automated Customer Engagement

Automated Customer Engagement

Welcome IVRs and Music On Hold, the contact a customer has with a company and this can be used as a tool to convey anything to their customer without extra hassle.

Basic CRM

Basic CRM

A basic CRM to help businesses store their data and run analytics on the respective data. The features enables any business to help store there data without hefty investments in software and hardware.

Marketing Solution

Marketing Solution

A SMS and auto-generated call intergration in Enterprise 360 enables our customer to use this One Window Solution to store customer data, run analytics and then run marketing campaigns

Get Answers of few Hot Questions!

How Zong Enterprise CAP Works

A UAN number e.g 03 111 999 311 will be given to a customer and all the incoming calls of a company will be routed on this number.

Enterprise 360 agents will be making outgoing calls with 77 prefix e.g to make call at 0322 999 9999, they will dial 770322 999 9999. Agents can also tranfer calls to each other with dialing *2 and extension code. For e.g *211

Billing details of all the agents will be generated to a UAN number, so that misuse of calling expense can be reduced.

Administrator of the company will be able to view all the call logs and activity of an agent. He will be also able to listen the call recording of a call.

How to acquire more customers?

You can increase your customers by giving better customer service by Enterprise CAP.

How to retain customer?

Why are customers losing?

Customers might be losing due to negligence of your sales force. They might not dealing with the potiental custmomers on time.

How our sales force is performing?

You can have a look on call logs and call recording of your sales force.

How to reduce misuse of calling expense?

Call logs and call recordings of the sales force will help you to reduce the misuse of calling expense.

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Main Charging Plan

No. Of Extensions Price/Month + Tax Bundled Resource All-Net Bundled Minutes
1000 yes 500

Calling Plans

No. Of Minutes Price/Month + Tax Ext. To Ext. 1000 Minutes
3000 yes

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