Customized Solutions

Different solutions designed for businesses to boost their sales revenue, monitor sales performance and reduce extra billing costs.

Auto Dialer

  • Voice Broad Cast
  • This type of dialer makes one sided outgoing call to intended recipients and plays recorded message on call answer.

  • Survey / Tele-Voting
  • This type of dialer makes calls to all intended recipients and ask them for input (Press 1, 2 or 0) for any product ranking.

  • Predictive Dialer to connect with Agents
  • This type of dialer makes outgoing calls to intended recipients and connect only answered calls to agents. Its improves more then 50% of call center productivity by saving agents time.

Cost Effective Dialing
Allow Specific Numbers to Make Calls on

For ex: if you have a team of 100 courier riders and you regularly pay their mobile bills so that they can call the recepients and deliver them the parcels. What if they use 40% of your mobile bill for their personal calls?

  • Courier rider will only be allowed to make calls on the undelivered parcels.
  • Reduces company's billing by 40%.
  • Increases rider's productivity by saving time on phone calls.