How Zong Cap helped McDonald's to increase revenue by 30X through Auto Dialer?

Since McDonald's failed to remind its customers about discounts, the company had low sale revenue and customers were not ordering meals again. McDonald's was going through a difficult time and wanted to increase sales, so they contacted our sales team, and we advised them to run the two-week promotional campaign by usingour Zong Cap Auto Dialer feature.

Mcdonald's made 160,000 calls in the first two weeks through Auto Dialer for the promotion of their special discount offer of 10% on a few deals in October. Our system made automated calls from 4 PM to 1 AM Friday to Sunday with McDonald's recorded audio to their customers.

After picking up the call, the customer was told about the offer through a recorded IVR and was asked to connect the call to the McDonald's agents by pressing "1" for order booking.

According to the analytics, this Auto Dialer campaign was a huge success. It enhanced customer retention, and McDonald's revenue increased by 30X in the month of October.